Atlas: Collagen Vascular Diseases

Discoid Lupus
dle1 dle2
Systemic Lupus Erythematosis
sle2 sle1
Systemic Lupus SLE – Salt and Pepper Skin
ac_lupus ac_lupus2
Acute Lupus Acute Lupus
ac_lupus3 ac_lupus4
Acute Lupus Acute Lupus
Scleroderma – Microstomia
scl2 scl3
Scleroderma – Pinched Nose Scleroderma – Sclerodactyly
 scl6 scl5
Scleroderma – Hyperpigmentation Scleroderma – Hyperpigmentation
scl4 scl7
Scleroderma – Stellate Scars Scleroderma – Telangiectasia
overlap scl8
Overlap Syndrome-Pursed mouth, vitiligo like depigmantation Scleroderma -Salt and Pepper Pigmentation


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